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A child’s health care needs can be challenging and there may times when parents need to seek consultation with a pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist. Pediatric ENT Specialist Singapore can play an important role in a child’s care as specific medical knowledge and equipment are required to treat ENT Pediatric specialist issues in this age group. As this care may overlap with a pediatrician’s, it can be sometimes confusing for parents.



Infants and children are significantly different from adults; different enough to come down with diseases adults just don’t get. Illnesses, symptoms, appropriate medications, and treatments are all influenced by the age and size of your child. ENT Pediatric problems can encompass a wide range of issues particularly common to children. From extremely loud snoring to sore throats, ear wax and hearing loss, we are here to help. See our Pediatric ENT Specialist Singapore in Mount Alvernia or Mount Elizabeth Novena.

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  • Allergies
  • Snoring, sleep disorders and sleep apnea

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One of the most common ear conditions your child can experience is the infection and inflammation of the ear, also known as otitis media. Their ears are still developing and prone to clogging due to bacterial infection or because of fluid backup from other parts of the body connected by the sinuses. A pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor can find the cause of the issue and treat it, as well as treating the symptoms of otitis media.

Many children seem to have a chronic case of a runny nose. On occasion, this may be a symptom of an underlying issue. Because of how interconnected the ears, nose and throat are, all this extra mucus can sometimes lead to problems , such as otitis media (described above), as well as sore throats. Furthermore, you might want to see an Paediatric ENT specialist if your child complains of a constant blocked nose, facial pain or pressure in the nose or around the eyes. These are signs of sinus infections, which can lead to other ENT problems.


Nosebleeds are also an exceedingly common problem in children. Most children end up with nosebleeds throughout their life. They are mainly caused by physical trauma to the nose, which makes it bleed. However, children may also pick their nose and cause nosebleeds, or even stick things up their nostrils.  On occasions, vigorous rubbing of the nose due to itch and allergies can also cause nosebleeds. Such nosebleeds are usually transient and self-limiting. However, if your child has persistent nosebleeds multiple times per week, we may be able to help. The bleeding may be caused by raw areas on the nasal septum, inflamed nasal passages / sinuses , or even conditions such as nasal polyps or a deviated septum. These issues are usually amenable to treatment.

The throat is where all the fluid from the sinuses drains to. Excess mucus can be uncomfortable on the child’s throat and the bacteria present can lead to regular sore throats. If your child experiences sore throats more than five times a year, it may be time to see a pediatric ENT Specialist.


Furthermore, many children have issues with enlarged tonsils; or tonsils prone to inflammation, which can lead to issues like tonsil abscesses and sleep apnea. 

Neck masses or lumps in a child can be anxiety provoking. Often, these are lymph nodes helping a child fight an infection. An evaluation with a surgeon to determine if masses need to be removed should be done for:

  • Any neck mass that is progressively growing
  • Growths associated with skin discoloration
  • Growths which are congenital (from birth)

A Pediatric ENT Specialist understands that the treating of children stretches far beyond the treatment of symptoms and conditions. Examining a small child can be an intimidating experience and the family has likely been through some emotional stress getting to the point of seeing a specialist. 


The first appointment will have a heavy focus on addressing your questions and concerns and working together to determine the proper plan of action. Your Paediatric ENT Specialist will review your child’s medical history, any health problems, and all details surrounding the reason for the visit. Depending on your particular situation, your Paediatric ENT Specialist may request investigations such as imaging or allergy testing to help determine the source of the problem. After examination, treatment options will be discussed with you, for your child.

Children experience very similar ENT issues as adults do but the symptoms do not always look and/or your child may not know how to communicate non visible symptoms to you.


Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) complications are one of the leading causes for trips to the pediatrician each year. Ear infections alone account for up to 30 million pediatrician visits annually, worldwide . The ear, nose, and throat regions are not fully developed until around age 6, and hence do not always function properly. Until your child’s sinus drainage systems fully develop, it is easy for bacteria to accumulate, get stuck and cause infections.

Selecting your Pediatric ENT Specialist who will care for your child can be nerve-racking. You are entrusting your child’s health and well-being to a professional who must be an expert but also remain sensitive to your child’s needs.


As part of the Children’s ENT Centre, we have considerable experience in managing ENT Pediatric Specialist conditions. How are we different?


When you interact with our Doctors and staff, you can really see how much we care about children and their health. From the kid-friendly office, to the way we talk to kids, and share information with parents, our approach assures you that you’ve made the right choice.



Getting the health information you need, finding time to get to an appointment, and wrestling with health insurance – we know all these things can be difficult for parents. We make it as easy as possible, with easy appointments and convenient locations, and a billing office that works with you to iron out insurance hassles. We also dispense most medications in our clinic so you don’t have to wait in the pharmacy with a sick child.



The simple act of kneeling down and making eye contact – our doctors know how to put children and kids at ease right away during every appointment.