Audiology Services -
Who Is An Audiologist?

Audiologists are allied health care professionals who are highly trained to evaluate, diagnose and rehabilitate persons with hearing or balance issues. Certified audiologists hold a Masters degree and/or a Doctorate degree from an accredited university. The audiologists’ specialized training makes them uniquely qualified to provide the following services:



  • Testing and diagnosis of hearing disorders in adults, children and infants
  • Testing and diagnosis of balance disorders in adults, infants and children
  • Patient and professional education regarding prevention of hearing loss
  • Hearing aid / assistive listening device selection, fitting and dispensation 
  • Administering help through hearing conservation programs in certain industries, aiming to prevent work-related and recreational hearing loss.
  • Researching on new testing methods and new technologies such as cochlear implants, as well as conducting research on environmental influences on hearing
  • Providing aural rehabilitation to patients with hearing loss, and teaching assistive techniques such as lip reading and auditory training